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Domain name

Look up available domain names to register and secure your own place on the Internet.


Your website, email, web store or web application deserves the best hosting, always available, secure and fast.

Online tools

Build your website, use online Desktop, use Office 365 or get access to all your information with one click thanks to Byfrost.

Streamline your work smarter and faster with Byfrost


Byfrost manages all your
information for you

Information, documents, emails
and data

Collect and archive all your
information in your own
structured way

Works as a file server
Backup emails


Document management and
workflow automation

Optimisation of your daily work
routines and procedures

All your archiving will be
automated with rules and

Workflows and rules
Relay, split or block emails


All important document in
one place

One click search, from any
browser, from anywhere

With full encryption you can
securely access all your

Easy Search
Document sharing platform

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